Internet Safety


It's important to stay secure when using the Internet, and now there are several 'FREE' solutions which gives you no excuse not to!

If you would like to know more about staying safe online please visit the following sites which provide more information as to how you can stay safe online. These pages will also help parents with keeping their children safe when browsing the web!

We have also been recommended the following website for kids and parents on how to blog safely.  The article is called Parents’ Guide to Blogging Safety and you can find the pages here:


For Windows users Microsoft has now provided Microsoft Security Essentials - this integrates fully with your computer to provide antivirus and firewall protection. Updates are fully automated and included with Microsoft Updates for your computer.

With Windows 8 this is installed and integrated as part of the OS. But this doesn't mean you can't install aditional protection. Take a look here for more info.

You can download your copy here:



Unfortunately, now that Mac is becoming increasingly popular, it is highly recommended to install antivirus protection. We can recommend Sophos, and the fact it is 100% free is just another bonus.

You can download your copy here:

For more info on Antivirus software for Mac - Click here:


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