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How To Easily transfer ALL your files from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

1-PCmover2This took us some digging to work out how to get working as Microsoft have failed somewhat to explain that Microsoft Easy Transfer Wizard does NOT work to transfer files from Windows XP to 8.1.

It seems that Microsoft have partnered with Laplink to provide a version of PCMover Express for FREE which allows you to quite simply transfer all your files and documents from your PC running XP, to your PC running Windows 8.1.

Microsoft had hit a large backlash from users when they realized it had left them without any way of transferring files easily between computers when upgrading.

The tool works well and we have recently used it to migrate data for a client. It uses a Wizard to run.

We used the software to migrate data directly over our network with success.

Note: Will run only if source PC is Windows XP and destination PC is Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. The free data transfer will not migrate your apps  although the Professional app (paid for) will transfer compatible apps).



Cloud Backup – Profiling Backblaze

Backblaze LogoAs we have discussed previously, the importance of backing up your work and backing up your computers is growing increasingly as more and more of our work is computerized.

Many people already have local backup in the form of Windows Backup or Time Machine if on Mac, which is great, but also relies heavily on physical hardware and for that to be connected for the backup to run.

Being Mac fans ourselves, we run a local Time Machine backup. We also wanted to have an offsite backup, always on and ensuring that all our files were backed up.

We won’t go into too much detail about the different types of backup, different backup schedules and so on as that can all get a little bit too complex for one post but after much research of backup solutions we have found Backblaze to be reliable and work well. We have tested it on our Macs with the free trial, and satisfied, are now very happy with what it provides.

Backblaze is both Windows and Mac compatible, offers continuous backup, encrypts your data on the fly and allows you to restore data wherever you are!

For more information check out the site and get a free trial now: www.backblaze.com

Note: we’re not affiliated, we just really like the service!

Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 Support Ends April 8, 2014

XP Background
XP Background

If you haven’t already heard the news Microsoft is ceasing to support Windows XP and Office 2003 after April 8th 2014 – essentially both will go End of Life (EOL) after this date.

In brief what this means is that Microsoft will no longer be providing new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.

Essentially, although your PC will continue to run, it’d be wide open and vulnerable to attacks. Your current Antivirus software will only be able to assist so much before hackers find loopholes in the operating system to get through.

Frantik are currently providing deals on new PCs. We can provide a high spec AMD system running Windows 7, with 8GB RAM and 1TB hard disk for £450, or for £475 we’ll even copy the data from your old system. Microsoft Office will be extra cost.

If you’re interested in upgrading and wish to remain secure please call us now on 01462 888147.



Need a free text editor? – Check out Notepad ++

Okay so it’s only available on Windows but then there are plenty of great editors already available for Linux and Mac so – what’s so great about this one you may ask.

Well – it’s free and what you get for the number of features available is tonnes of power and capability.

I know most dedicated web devs or programmers won’t necessarily be using Windows but for those who do try this out and let me know what you think.

I really do like it!

You can find it here: www.notepad-plus-plus.org

Keep IE default browser on Windows!

After having investigated – and obviously used Windows for a number of years in professional and non professional circumstances I have decided that it is undoubtedly better if you keep Internet Explorer as default web browser.

It is more or less integrated with Windows and I believe it just works better (and feels wrong) to set anything else above it.

As an adamant Mac user I have found the Internet Explorer 9 Beta to be fantastic, and recommend you check it out.

Let me know what you think?