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Why you shouldn’t pay for PC security

We are firm believers that you shouldn’t have to pay for antivirus security for your PC or Mac.

If the manufacturers of the operating system have left it vulnerable in any way then they should be the ones that pay or there should be free alternatives. So, without further a do, here is some great free software you can use to keep your computer secure.

With Mac, viruses aren’t so much the issue as is malware, this is generally due to the way the OS is developed (and based on Unix).


For a little while now Microsoft have provided free software in the form of Microsoft Security Essentials, and now Windows Defender, which is built in and updates when Windows updates. So cancel your annual Anti-virus subs and download this instead!

Link: http://go.frantik.it/mse

Note; this is for Windows 7. If you have 8 or newer it’s built in and you don’t need to worry.

Mac: We have provided links to a couple of great AV packages for Mac previously! See the following: Free Antivirus For Mac

On checking these are probably still on top. Don’t hang around and test either today!


We always recommend using Malwarebytes Free too to use in addition to the above and this can be used once a week or month just to make sure your computer is protected.

Link:  http://go.frantik.it/mbam


Remain vigilant about Malware!


Many people get so used to being warned about suspicious files they may receive via email that they become bored with it. I know that we almost get too curious about certain things sent to us, or links that crop up on social media.

It is important to remember though, that if you don’t recognise the sender, or web site you are about to visit, it’s probably best not to click on such links. This is in the same way you’d do with junk mail sent through your letterbox in that you’d probably bin it straight away… you have to do the same thing with digital media. Take a step back before clicking or opening anything and think twice beforehand.

Unfortunately, Windows systems are still more frequently targeted compared with Mac or Linux but that doesn’t mean we should be any less vigilant!

Get yourself protected by downloading antivirus protection; see the following page for more info!

And if in doubt trash it, don’t open the attachment, or click on the link. If it’s really important the sender will contact you again.

Microsoft Security Essentials – I recommend it over others!

The first advantage of MSE is that it’s 100% free, and I would think most likely always will be… as it’s in Microsoft’s own interest to ensure that it’s client’s and customers are safe and secure whilst using their operating system!

The second advantage of it is that it’s going to be honed to the exact architecture and specific requirements of the OS.

Other things to mention are that it’s integrated directly with Windows/Microsoft update so virus definitions are updated automatically.

Basically the whole piece of software integrates beautifully with the Windows OS (Server versions also available!), it doesn’t slow the computer down unnecessarily and it doesn’t affect usage.

I’ve always said ‘why should you pay for software to protect you from viruses and malware, Microsoft should provide you with this protection’ and now they are finally doing that.

For personal, home and small business users this is perfect!

You can find the download link & more information here: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/