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Why you shouldn’t pay for PC security

We are firm believers that you shouldn’t have to pay for antivirus security for your PC or Mac.

If the manufacturers of the operating system have left it vulnerable in any way then they should be the ones that pay or there should be free alternatives. So, without further a do, here is some great free software you can use to keep your computer secure.

With Mac, viruses aren’t so much the issue as is malware, this is generally due to the way the OS is developed (and based on Unix).


For a little while now Microsoft have provided free software in the form of Microsoft Security Essentials, and now Windows Defender, which is built in and updates when Windows updates. So cancel your annual Anti-virus subs and download this instead!

Link: http://go.frantik.it/mse

Note; this is for Windows 7. If you have 8 or newer it’s built in and you don’t need to worry.

Mac: We have provided links to a couple of great AV packages for Mac previously! See the following: Free Antivirus For Mac

On checking these are probably still on top. Don’t hang around and test either today!


We always recommend using Malwarebytes Free too to use in addition to the above and this can be used once a week or month just to make sure your computer is protected.

Link:  http://go.frantik.it/mbam


Virgin Media Customers Get F-Secure Antivirus



We’ve recently changed our ISP to Virgin Media and were kindly surprised when we found that we could get the industry renound antivirus softare “F-Secure SAFE” for free to install on up to 5 computers (PC and Mac versions available) for one year.  After this it is available at a reduced price of £25pa.

Virgin’s explanation and more details on this are available at the following link: http://store.virginmedia.com/discover/broadband/security/f-secure-safe.html

It is also good to see that Virgin discuss the fact Macs aren’t susceptible to attack, and have further useful information on how to keep your computer safe when connected to the Internet on this page. Well worth a read!

We are not affiliated with Virgin Media in any way or form and this post is for informational purposes only.


Cloud Backup – Profiling Backblaze

Backblaze LogoAs we have discussed previously, the importance of backing up your work and backing up your computers is growing increasingly as more and more of our work is computerized.

Many people already have local backup in the form of Windows Backup or Time Machine if on Mac, which is great, but also relies heavily on physical hardware and for that to be connected for the backup to run.

Being Mac fans ourselves, we run a local Time Machine backup. We also wanted to have an offsite backup, always on and ensuring that all our files were backed up.

We won’t go into too much detail about the different types of backup, different backup schedules and so on as that can all get a little bit too complex for one post but after much research of backup solutions we have found Backblaze to be reliable and work well. We have tested it on our Macs with the free trial, and satisfied, are now very happy with what it provides.

Backblaze is both Windows and Mac compatible, offers continuous backup, encrypts your data on the fly and allows you to restore data wherever you are!

For more information check out the site and get a free trial now: www.backblaze.com

Note: we’re not affiliated, we just really like the service!

Running Mavericks with Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

osx_hero_2xI made it my aim this week to set up Mavericks, the new release of OS X, within a Parallels VM.

Firstly, I was trying to get it running without the newly announced client.

I had read the KBs on the Parallels web site which announced that you couldn’t install the new OS from a DMG directly but you had to have a VM with OS X 10.8 to then upgrade before going ahead (you can find that KB here).

Below are the steps I took.

1. Downloaded the NEW Parallels client designed to support Mavericks. This was version

Build 8.0.18494 / (Revision 886912; June 17, 2013).

Download Here.

2. Install OS X Mountain Lion. You can do this quite easily using the Parallels wizard (it uses the installer from the recovery partition). Make sure all updates are installed.

3. Download the Mavericks 10.9 Developer Preview and copy this to the Mountain Lion VM.

4. Very Important -> Move the Mavericks installer app to the ApplicaMavericks in Parallelstions folder on the Mountain Lion VM.

5. Run the Mavericks installer app from Applications in your Mountain Lion VM; run through the installer, selecting Macintosh HD as the disk to install to. It will begin the installation and will restart. This takes some time. It took me about an hour.

6. That should be it, your OS X VM should have now restarted and updated correctly to Mavericks.

Please do leave comments and I will try my best to help where possible.


Apple Software – Tiny Grab

Tiny Grab
Tiny Grab

We landed upon this recently whilst looking for a piece of software that would conveniently allow us to take a screenshot and upload it online and enable us to share that link with others – instantly.

Enter Tiny Grab, developed by Company52, which allows you to do all the above seamlessly and effortlessly. What’s even better is the fact it doesn’t cost a penny which is something we really appreciate.

Some of the features include the following:

  • Automatic Image Uploading
  • Quick Image Sharing
  • Custom Server Uploading

Tiny Grab can be downloaded for Mac from http://tinygrab.com/download.php and for iPhone from the App Store