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How To Easily transfer ALL your files from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

1-PCmover2This took us some digging to work out how to get working as Microsoft have failed somewhat to explain that Microsoft Easy Transfer Wizard does NOT work to transfer files from Windows XP to 8.1.

It seems that Microsoft have partnered with Laplink to provide a version of PCMover Express for FREE which allows you to quite simply transfer all your files and documents from your PC running XP, to your PC running Windows 8.1.

Microsoft had hit a large backlash from users when they realized it had left them without any way of transferring files easily between computers when upgrading.

The tool works well and we have recently used it to migrate data for a client. It uses a Wizard to run.

We used the software to migrate data directly over our network with success.

Note: Will run only if source PC is Windows XP and destination PC is Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. The free data transfer will not migrate your appsĀ  although the Professional app (paid for) will transfer compatible apps).



You’re better off with IMAP


POP3 was great when you only checked your email on one computer. It’s easy to set up and you can be up and running within a few minutes.

But in the new age where you have a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, as well as another desktop computer somehwhere else many people want to be able to see what they’ve sent and replied to on all their devices.

That’s where IMAP comes into play.

IMAP synchronises live data with your email server so what you see on any of your devices is what is sitting on your email server.

Which services can you use it with?

All the popular email services let you configure an IMAP email account over POP3 (although you may need to enable this in the settings).

The only service I know of that doesn’t allow this is Outlook.comĀ (which is odd).

To enable IMAP with GMail you can follow the guide: click here

To enable IMAP with Yahoo! you can follow the guide: click here