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How to accept hassle free Direct Debit and card payments

For us, it is really frustrating to see businesses who are still operating but unable to take card payments or direct debit payments for recurring or subscription based products.

We are going to introduce a couple of solutions on this post.

We are not affiliated with either business and only writing this post to help other like minded small businesses and hope you find the information useful.

  1. Go Cardless. If your business offers regular and recurring invoices for services or products that are charged weekly, monthly, or annually then this service will probably be a good fit for you.

We use this service as it’s integrated with our accounting platform Quickfile.  You can set it up easily to receive payments from customers on your invoices. It gives us the opportunity to set up the payment via Direct Debit.

For more information and to see an overview click here



2.  SumUp. If you want to take card payments with no subscription or line rental, wherever you are (great for stationary stores or for mobile sellers, market stalls, pop up shops and more) then this solution is great.

Albeit, the majority of payments we take are still by cheque (or PayPal), we do have and use the app provided by SumUp occasionally. It ties in well with our accounting software, see above, and allows you to take card payments with no hassle whatsoever.

There are some restrictions, such as countries you can use the product, but for the UK, there is no problem at all.

When we first signed up, there was no requirement for the card reader, and I believe we still have the original product, so have to check if that still works… will update the blog when I have checked!

Ultimately, there is no reason at all, why any business has to limit itself by not accepting direct debit or card payments! Both the above provide mobile apps for Apple and Android and therefore catering for just about anyone.

Twitter – key to higher follower numbers?

Twitter LogoThe basic answer is that you have to engage with your audience. Think of Twitter as an extension to your presence in real life.

Talk about things you’re doing, hobbies, jobs, where you are can help by attracting followers from the areas you’re visiting – FourSquare can really help here – check it out!

You should start using ‘#’ tags – this enables your tweets to show up more easily in searches on Twitter. For example, if you’re looking for help fixing your broken Vauxhall motorcar you would add #Vauxhall to your tweet. Anyone then searching for this will see your tweet – and don’t be surprised if you have a Vauxhall dealership or mechanic somewhere reply!

And most importantly do engage – that is the key word. If you have a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android phone there are apps for Twitter available. Otherwise you can access the site at mobile.twitter.com (data charges will apply, so if you don’t want to be charged check with your mobile provider first!)

And post often!

If you would like any further advice and tips just comment below and I’ll be happy to assist!