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Twitter Tools: Some useful tools (and tips) to help you on your way!

So if you hadn’t already heard, Twitter is pretty big right now. And if you want to market your business or product successfully it’s recommended that you jump on the band wagon.

The following have all been tested by me, and are all 100% free to use.

I will write a small bit about each item and why I use it.

Unfollow Tools

Unfortunately in an attempt to cut spam on the site, Twitter limit the number of people you can follow. If you are following a greater number of people than are following you you will be unable to follow more at a certain point.
With these sites you are able to unfollow people who aren’t following you back so that you can even your numebrs out and follow more people.

  1. Friend Or Follow –
  2. Just Unfollow – (By a long shot, the better service here)

All the above sites work well and are free to use. Play around with them.

Spam Removal

Unure whether your followers are genuine or not, use the following site to find out!

TwitBlock –

Notification when someone adds you to a list (Not essential but useful if you want to be able to thank that person)

ListNotify –

Follow Friday

So, those of you who are new to the game may have heard of this term, but aren’t too sure what it’s about. Basically, every Friday you ‘tweet’ your favourite people on Twitter to your other followers using #FollowFriday @tobyw7 for example.

Like me, when you end up communicating with several people over the week it gets hard to choose who to mention.

With The Twitter Tag Projetct’s tool this is made simple by analyzing the people you have most been connecting with.

Make sure you’re logged in to Twitter on the web and it’ll let you tweet your #FollowFriday ‘s easily.

Find it here: The Twitter Tag Project – Follow Friday

Advanced Users

If you want to be able to send automated Direct Messages and more check out SocialOomph

Works well, and there are free and premium options available.

There are quite literally thousands of useful bits of software to help you utilise Twitter; check out OneForty for more of these.

Also I would like to add a link here to the Twitter Support page regarding follow limits and some other technical issues. Check it out here, it’s definitely worth a read:


Keep IE default browser on Windows!

After having investigated – and obviously used Windows for a number of years in professional and non professional circumstances I have decided that it is undoubtedly better if you keep Internet Explorer as default web browser.

It is more or less integrated with Windows and I believe it just works better (and feels wrong) to set anything else above it.

As an adamant Mac user I have found the Internet Explorer 9 Beta to be fantastic, and recommend you check it out.

Let me know what you think?